Lefkimmi is a town in southern Corfu and the seat of the homonymous municipality.

The wider area, which includes the Municipalities of Lefkimmaia and Korissia, extends from the Messonghi and the river of the same name, to the southernmost tip of Corfu, the Asprokavos (the so-called cavo bianco of the Venetian era). The area is mentioned and known since medieval times under the name Alechimmo, in the Strait of Lefkimmi the famous naval battle between the Corinthians and the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War had taken place. Unlike the rest of Corfu, it is not mountainous, has low hills with olive trees, and in the lowlands are cultivated citrus fruits and vineyards with wine known in Corfu.

It has many villages scattered in every corner, settlements on a green background and beaches. It also has tourist areas such as Agios Georgios in Argyrades, Kavos, with more traffic during the summer, the beach of Marathias, Malta or Agia Varvara, Gardeno, a resort for quiet holidays, Bouka. There is the homonymous town of Lefkimi, an extensive settlement from many neighborhoods, such as Riglades, Anaplades, Agioi Theodoroi, Potami with its canal, and Melikia.

In Lefkimmi is the lake of Korissia which is connected by a narrow channel with the sea. Near Kavos is Arkoudilas, with an old monastery. Lefkimmi has a port that serves a lot of people and is connected to the port of Igoumenitsa and Paxos and Antipaxos. The wider area also includes Boukari where fresh fish is offered, and the mountain village of Chlomos. The people of Lefkimmi have a special local and local costume. On the streets you will meet women carrying balanced containers on their heads.